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Understanding Blackjack Insurance Option

Blackjack is a very simple game and once you take a strong grasp of this game, then you will surely win big. This game has a very simple objective and this is to reach the value of 21 for the cards that you are holding. Players can reach this value by withdrawing cards from the deck, but this is a risky option because there is a possibility that the value of your card will exceed to 21. Once this happens, then the payers will be declared as “bust”. The players will lose him or her initial stake. This rule is common for all the blackjack variations play at online and traditional casinos. Still in some gambling houses other blackjack rules may differ from the traditional ones. Check them before you start to play not to trap into uncomfortable situation. We recommend you to try your skill before you start to make high bets. That will be better to do in online casino which has good offers for players. Have you seen this casino online?

Insurance – It is Good or Bad?

There is insurance option for blackjack and this is when the dealer is dealt with an Ace that is facing up. You will find casinos that can offer players a chance to buy an insurance against the dealer. If you have decided to take the offer, then you are required to place more chips that are half of your initial stake. In case the dealer is holding a blackjack, then the player will lose his or her initial stake, but be paid with the amount that is double of the initial stake because of the insurance. You have the liberty not to accept the offer of the house if you think that this insurance option is not favorable for you. There are different insurance options that you need to become aware of.

If you have decided not to accept the insurance, then there are two possible things that can happen. First is if the dealer do not have the blackjack, then you will play your cards as usual. Another one is if the dealer has a blackjack. If that is the case, then the natural blackjack will beat all hands around the table. The dealer will get your money and your cards and will deal new hand. If you will take the insurance, then there are also two possible things that can happen. First is that dealer is not holding a blackjack. When this happen, then the dealer will get all insurance bets. Since you have placed an insurance bet that the dealer is holding a blackjack, then you will lose your initial bet. You will play and against the Ace of the dealer. The second option is if the dealer is holding a blackjack. It means that it is a natural blackjack and it will beat your hand.

The dealer will collect your initial wager, but the insurance wager will make you a winner. The dealer will pay your insurance bet with 2:1. At the end of the game you will end up even. At first, this option seems like the best deal that you can get, but you need to give this option a second thought. Many players are attracted with this option and take advantage of it. There are many reasons why players opt for insurance option and this is just to get even. Whether you opt for this option or not you still lose money at the end of the game if you are not holding the blackjack.