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Slots History and Origins

From the years 1895 to 1907, a young inventor and well-known scientist by the name Charles Fey, invented the popular casino game we all love - the Slot Machine. Mr. Fey sold the first slot machine prototype to a company called Mill Novelty Co, and then it was named "Mills Liberty Bell". The prototype used reels that made use of a playing cards deck where the king, queen, and jack were on the card faces. A bell would ring to signify that you won a spin. It also had 20 symbols sequences to be obtained. It made the older slot machine simple yet fun to play with. You will discover in the later parts of this article the information on how the slot machine evolved.


old slot machine

In the year 1910, a new slot machine was patented based on the "Mills Liberty Bell", it was called "Operation Bell". The newer slot machine had fruit symbols compared to the "Liberty Bell" which had kings, queens and jacks for symbols. With the new "Operation Bell" slot machine growing in popularity the owners sold 30,000 units total worldwide.

In 1915, a newer and less expensive slot machine was developed, making use of wooden panels instead of cast iron ones. As years past, more and more new innovations came along that made slot machines cheaper and easier to buy; this made it more appealing for casinos to buy them.

In the year 1940, mafia kingpin Bugsy Seigel decided to introduce the popular machine to Las Vegas. This move solidified the popularity of the slot machines worldwide starting with the United States.

1940-Present time

After the introduction of the slot machine to Las Vegas, the slot machines have grown enormously popular each year. In the 1990s, every casino floor had slot machines lined up and ready to play with.

At present, there are now millions of slot machines worldwide. You can find slot machines being played in casinos, pubs and even in convenience stores.

With a little help from the internet and technology, online slots are now being played by players who prefer to play in the numerous online casinos.

So, it is safe to say that slot machines are not going anywhere anytime soon and will develop on the Internet with more new features!