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Slots Myths Explained

Slot machines are well loved by gamblers and common people. Since, most gamblers have superstitions and myths about these games; the ever popular slot machine has been a hot topic about myths and superstitions in the recent years. The lasts are conditioned by slots origins and modern types of games with new parameters.

Here are the top 7 myths that involve slot machines:

1. Slot machines that are full are coin vendors

In any instance, this myth is false. Your chances of winning are still equal to those machines with fewer coins in them. The amount you bet will always be equal to the amount to be paid out in relation to the payout chart. 10 coins will pay out 1000 counts all the same with any other slot machine in the casino floor. So, house edge will remain constant as always.

2. A cold turkey will eventually become a hot one sooner or later

The Random Number Generator will always be constantly fair. It will always be random, as it should be. Whether you feel the spin button is hot or cold, RNG will always be the RNG and all the results will be unique every time you spin the machine!

3. Break the machines cycle and you are golden

Another myth that is all false as well. The game cycle will always depend on the Random Number Generator of the machine. And as you already know, it does not follow any cycles.

4. There will always be a time when the spell can be broken

Most gamblers think that playing slot machines require magic, but this is not the case. Machines are programmed to work in random order. It returns what it is programmed to return in random sequences.

5. Pull it! Do not press it!

With most superstitions revolving gamblers, most think they will get better luck by pulling the lever compared to pushing the spin button. This myth is false again because of the random game results in each modern slot machine.

6. The eye in sky will determine who wins and loses

People think that if the casino likes you, they will let you win. This belief is just false, again RNG provides 100% independent results of every slots game and the casino staff can’t influence the gameplay, it will be even illegal.

7. One coin is enough to make the Fat Lady sing

Some gamblers tend to use one coin per bet because they think using one coin will bring them the jackpot. This is the myth that is 100% FALSE!

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