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Funny Casino Facts and Unbelievable Stories

When one is probably looking for some of the most interesting games, definitely you won’t miss out Casino, so great and marvelous. It is a rich source of relaxation that doubles up as a profession for others. However, for every great thing in history, there are always funny stuffs and stories associated with them. For Casino, you must probably have heard of people losing considerably good amount of cash and some getting rich through it, relax. That’s not all as there are many more funny facts and stories behind this popular game.

Are you aware that at least sixty five million people in the United States alone play casino on a regular basis? Don’t be surprised my friend, almost everyone is a gambler although it takes more than what you can imagine to notice that at the first sight. Maybe that is why more than seventy million cards are sold annually throughout the world, a very lucrative business indeed.

Les Vegas, located in the United States of America, seems to be the greatest city ever for gambling worldwide. Ever since it became a city in 1911 this gambling city has been known for very funny stories related to gambling How can you explain just a mere city receiving over thirty seven million visitors annually? Interestingly enough, almost all of them go to play casino and other gambling activities. That is just for the visitors, regarding the inhabitants, it is claimed that there is one gambling slot machine for every eight inhabitants of this amazing and unique city. Mark you, eighty seven percent of those who live in this city are gamblers!!!

Although casino gambling is considered a pass time for most people, those in California seems to be serious addicts and a lot of revenue of the United States comes from them. Based on a research carried out in 2007, this city alone had about 1.2 million gambling addicts. Such an outrageous number, so unimaginable! Data has it that in 2004 alone, tribal casinos in California pocketed close to $ 5.78 billion, such an overwhelming amount. However it is so unfortunate that only nine percent of California’s Native Americans benefit from these great casino profits. So where do the money go to? You might probably be asking yourself this strange question. It’s the visitors. They know better.

Maybe you might not be aware but so many people have become rich and greatly benefited from casinos. Richard Nixon, the former United States president is one of the beneficiaries. He used the money he earned as a Poker during World War II to fund his campaign for elections in1946, so amazing! In as much as casinos seem to be a good source of easy cash and employment, it has been established that for every single job created by a casino, at least two or three jobs are lost amongst other businesses. Now that tells you why gambling is hardly legal in many parts of the world, for what is the benefit of legalizing such a crime?