Comparing 3 Reel Slots and 5 Reel Slots

For some time, the 5 reel slot has been increasing in popularity and overtaking the 3 reel slot, which is often seen as a little outdated. 3 reel slots may be closer to the classic slots machines of early days of gambling, but computerised 5 reel slots often feature multiple pay lines, bonus features and bonus games to make the experience more exciting. Many players now exclusively play 5 reel slots and discount 3 reel games, but you should make sure that you are fully aware of the differences between the two so even if you do choose the 5 reel, you know how to take full advantage of it's features. Start taking advantage of all these features on casino slot games.

You may assume that a slot machine with more reels may result in it being harder to hit winning combinations, but now almost all slot machines are computerised and therefore use random number generators to determine what symbols your spin will land you. A 3 reel slot set to pay out 95% will, in the long run, pay out exactly the same percentage return to the player as a 5 reel slot set to pay out 95%.

There are, of course, many more winning combinations available on a 5 reel slot than a 3 reel slot, as 5 reel slots can also feature winning combinations of 4 and 5 symbols as well as just 3. This results in a higher likelihood of hitting smaller pay outs more regularly, whilst on a 3 reel slot there is only the big pay out which it is very rare to hit.

On 5 reel slots, there are usually multiple pay lines and you can place a bet on each line rather than just the one. Playing on every line seriously increases your chances of winning, though be sure not to place maximum bet on each line as you will be shelling out a fortune.